Getting Started

Step 1

Register as a new user at:

By contacting admin at

Step 2

As soon as your account gets activated you’ll be sent an email. This will contain your password for the class and the game. When you have this password, you can login at

Step 3

When you’ve logged in you’ll be able to watch the lectures, play the game and get access to our online course material in the form of slides and notes.

Start off by watching the first lecture.

Here’s a video example of getting started:



You may want to change your password, the auto generated one can be difficult to remember.

Watch the videos, then use the game. Try to recreate what goes on in the video as to practice the techniques being thought.

If there’s any trouble, drop me a mail at


The Refrigeration Training Sim   ( )

The current Refrigeration Training Sim is the latest version of the game. There are a good few older versions, and the examples below shows how the controls in the game works. Don’t be put off if the game looks different in the videos, it’s still the same game.


The system has a recovery mode. This is found in the tools section. The steps are similar to the purge mode, only longer. Also, you need to purge first.  To see the demo video for the recovery unit click here.

For a demo video showing how to purge click here.

For a demo video showing how to use the valve wrench click here.



Possible issue:

If the screen is black after a loading bar, wait a minute for it to load up.

If after pressing the play button and the window stays black, try opening the page with different web browsers.

If the issue persists, download and install the latest version of the unity webplayer from:

If there’s any trouble, drop me a mail at